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Housing Nova Scotia extends rent subsidies for housing co-ops for additional year

Published May 21, 2018

CHF Canada has successfully negotiated with Nova Scotia Housing to extend rent subsidies until the end of March, 2019. Pending a national strategy to address the end of rent subsidies as operating agreements end, different regions are finding different ways to extend subsidies temporarily. Section 95 cooperatives in Nova Scotia will benefit from this extension.

Karen Brodeur, Program Manager, worked closely with Housing Nova Scotia to reach the agreement. “This temporary funding will provide assistance for several low income families, allowing them to remain in their co-operative homes,” she said. “CHF Canada values the strong partnership we have with Housing Nova Scotia and we look forward to continued success in the future.”

As before, a maximum of 30% of a co-op’s units will be eligible for the program. This maintains affordable housing for existing members, although new members may also qualify.

“CHF Canada contacted Housing Nova Scotia to advocate extension of the program and worked with us to identify potential issues and options,” explained Sheryl Kingston, coordinator at Housing Nova Scotia. She believes the extension is an important stepping stone as Canada moves towards a national strategy. “It prevents economic evictions,” she said. “Through the rent supplement program, Housing Nova Scotia is supporting co-operatives in their efforts to provide safe and affordable housing to their most vulnerable members.”

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