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New Brunswick: Vote on September 24 to put housing front and centre during the election!

Published September 12, 2018

New Brunswickers will head to the polls on September 24 for the province’s general election. The co-op housing movement’s strongest asset is people and it’s critically important that we speak out and get out the vote!

During this provincial election, housing co-ops are asking for two things:

  1. Protect by continuing subsidies to low-income co-op members using funds from the National Housing Strategy. The National Housing Strategy introduced the Canada Community Housing Initiative which set aside $4.3 billion for provinces to protect and grow community housing, including co-ops. New Brunswick has signed a bilateral agreement with the federal government and whoever is elected will have access to the province’s share of funds. We are asking politicians to commit to protecting subsidies to low-income co-op households using these funds.
  2. Build new affordable housing for seniors. New Brunswick is experiencing a shortage of affordable housing options for its aging population. Housing co-ops have committed to aging-in-place policies, but more homes are needed to accommodate the growing need. Parties and candidates running in the provincial election should commit to working with the co-op housing sector to build new permanently-affordable, community-oriented co-op homes.

Please ask your local candidates:

  1. Will you protect assistance to low-income co-op members?
  2. What will you do to help us build new affordable homes for seniors?

Please consider these issues when voting and please be sure to vote and encourage fellow co-op members to cast their vote. Here’s how to find out your provincial riding and where to vote.

If you have any questions, please call CHF Canada’s Atlantic office at 902-423-7119 email:

  • Karen Brodeur, Program Manager, Co-op Services (Atlantic) kbrodeur@chfcanada.coop
  • Cathy Volans, Co-ordinator, Co-op Services (Atlantic) cvolans@chfcanada.coop

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