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Ontario’s emergency measures allowing virtual meetings to expire Sep. 30

Published August 12, 2022

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, housing co-ops have held virtual members’ meetings to keep the business of the co-op going. On September 30, the emergency measures that have allowed Ontario housing co-ops to do this will expire.

CHF Canada has written to the Minister of Public and Business Services to request that the emergency measures be extended or that new legislation that will permanently allow co-ops to hold virtual or hybrid meetings be passed.

While we are pushing for the government to change the current rules, co-ops that are concerned about holding in person meetings should plan to hold a virtual meeting before September 30.

Earlier this year, the province consulted on proposed changes to the Co-operative Corporations Act (CCA) that would permanently provide co-ops with the choice to hold virtual or hybrid meetings. CHF Canada strongly supported those changes with a few amendments. However, the legislation that would be necessary to change the Act has not been introduced.

Until this legislation is passed, or the emergency measures are extended, co-ops will be unable to hold virtual meetings after September 30.

CHF Canada will continue to press the government for this change and we’ll update members on our progress.

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