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Ontario co-ops join the #FixtheFormula4Coops campaign

Published October 07, 2021

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Calling all Ontario housing co-ops: we need your co-op to pass the resolution today!

Ontario’s co-ops are at their best when they join together to push for action.

We want a strong show of support for Co-op Housing Day on October 26.

Download the resolution for more info. (La résolution en français)

Is your co-op on the list?

Co-ops that passed and sent CHF Canada the #FixtheFormula4Coops Resolution
As of November 03: 131 co-ops

  1. Briarview Co-operative Homes
  2. Ramer’s Wood Co-operative Homes
  3. Whiteoak Heritage Housing Co-operative
  4. Forty-Third Housing Co-operative
  5. Country Hills Housing Co-operative
  6. Leta Brownscombe Co-operative Homes
  7. Centretown Citizen Housing Co-operative
  8. Windmill Line Co-operative Homes
  9. Corktown Co-operative Homes
  10. Innstead Co-operative
  11. Don Quixote Co-operative Homes
  12. Palace Place Co-operative Homes
  13. Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative
  14. Briar Rose Co-operative Homes (ON)
  15. Coopèrative d’habitation Voisins
  16. Bain Apartments Housing Co-operative
  17. Church-Isabella Residents Co-operative
  18. Frazer Heights Co-operative Inc.
  19. Little Falls Co-operative Homes
  20. Wood Tree Co-operative Inc.
  21. Halam Park Housing Co-operative
  22. Cedarbrook Park Housing Co-operative
  23. Eagle Housing Co-operative
  24. Stirling Meadows Housing Co-operative
  25. Raiffeisen Co-operative Homes
  26. Better Living Residential Co-operative Inc.
  27. Coopérative d’habitation Côté-Est
  28. Spirit of 1919 Housing Co-operative
  29. St. Martin’s Co-operative Homes of London
  30. Bethany Co-operative Homes
  31. Birch Cliff Housing Co-operative
  32. Innisfree Housing Co-operative
  33. John Fitzpatrick Steelworkers Co-operative
  34. Lawrence Gardens Housing Co-operative
  35. Tahwesin Housing Co-operative
  36. Cardiff Housing Co-operative
  37. Mariner’s Co-operative Homes
  38. Bayanihan Non-Profit Co-operative Homes
  39. Ryegate (Tecumseh) Co-operative Homes
  40. Deneham Forge Housing Co-operative
  41. Fifty Plus Housing Co-operative
  42. Blue Heron Co-operative Homes
  43. Constance Hamilton Housing Co-operative
  44. Essex Non-Profit Homes
  45. Stanley Knowles Housing Co-operative
  46. Midland Mountainview Family Co-operative
  47. Pinecroft Co-operative Homes
  48. Kanata Co-operative Homes
  49. Windy Woods Co-operative Homes of London
  50. Clairvue Housing Co-operative
  51. Chegoggin Co-operative Homes
  52. Don Area Co-operative Homes
  53. Mario De Giovanni Housing Co-op
  54. Tanglewood Orchard Cooperative Homes
  55. Tolpuddle Housing Cooperative
  56. West Rouge Housing Cooperative
  57. Britannia Glen Co-operative Homes
  58. Cawthra Mansions Co-operative
  59. Tamarack Co-operative Housing
  60. Coopé​​​rative d’appartements des Jardins
  61. Forest City Housing Co-operative
  62. Stone Church Co-operative Homes
  63. Trillium Place Housing
  64. Winkleigh Co-operative Housing
  65. Cartier Square Housing Co-operative
  66. Falls Place Co-operative Homes
  67. Labourview Co-operative Homes
  68. Alex Laidlaw Housing Co-operative
  69. Thorne View Co-operative Homes
  70. Greenvale Co-operative Homes
  71. Banbury Cross Housing Co-operative
  72. Gilzean’s Creek Housing Cooperative
  73. Lavender Lane Co-operative Homes
  74. Artisan Housing Co-operative
  75. Applegrove Co-operative Homes
  76. Moonstone Co-operative Homes
  77. Broadview Housing Co-operative
  78. Woburn Village Co-operative Homes
  79. Willowside Housing Co-operative
  80. Co-operative Homes of Prosperity & Equality Inc.
  81. Keswick Community Homes Co-operative
  82. Carruthers Road Co-operative Homes
  83. Windfield Co-operative Homes
  84. Max Saltsman Community Co-operative
  85. Meadowdale Community Housing Co-operative
  86. St. Nicholas Housing Co-operative
  87. Perth Avenue Housing Co-operative
  88. Four Feathers Housing Co-operative
  89. Frank Long Co-operative Homes
  90. Sandy Hill Housing Co-operative
  91. Metta Housing Co-operative
  92. Vesta Co-operative Homes
  93. Robin’s Nest Co-operative Homes
  94. Atahualpa Co-operative Homes
  95. London Town Co-operative Homes
  96. Mimico Co-operative Homes
  97. Lois Miller Co-operative Homes
  98. Elmview Estates Housing Co-operative
  99. Quaker Hill Co-operative Homes
  100. Central Ontario Co-operative Housing Federation
  101. Needlewood Glen Housing Co-operative
  102. Borelia Co-operative Homes
  103. Cobblehill Homes Co-operative
  104. Women’s Community Co-operative
  105. Westmount Community Housing Co-operative
  106. Harvest Moon Co-operative Homes
  107. Cole Road Co-operative Community
  108. First Nations Housing Co-operative
  109. Oaklands Housing Co-operative
  110. Seven Maples Co-operative Homes
  111. 15 Thorncliffe Park Co-operative Homes
  112. Secord Avenue Co-operative Homes
  113. Fieldstone Co-operative Homes
  114. Dufferin Gardens Co-operative Homes
  115. Dobbin Housing Co-operative
  116. Emanuel Housing Co-operative
  117. Wicklow Co-operative Homes
  118. Saorsie Co-operative Homes
  119. Country Spirit Co-operative Homes
  120. Applemead Co-operative Homes
  121. Trent-Moira Co-operative Estates
  122. Harbour Channel Housing Co-operative
  123. John Moynahan Co-operative Homes
  124. Alexander MacKenzie Housing Co-operative
  125. Margaret Laurence Housing Co-operative
  126. Coopèrative d’habitation St. Georges Housing Co-operative
  127. Belle River Co-operative Homes
  128. Pinafore Station Co-operative Homes
  129. Brookfield Housing Co-operative
  130. Woodsworth Housing Co-operative
  131. Ascot Co-operative Homes

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