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Ontario announces new gathering limits and rent freeze

Published September 23, 2020

New gathering limits restrict co-op meetings

Last week the Province announced reduced gathering limits, first for Toronto, Peel and Ottawa and then on the weekend extending the restrictions to the whole province. The new limits are 10 people for indoor gatherings and 25 for outdoor gatherings.

CHF Canada has confirmed with the Province that the limits apply to co-op meetings. This means that most co-ops will not be able to have in-person member meetings.

For resources to help your co-op conduct meetings please check out our Meeting Resources During COVID-19  page on our website. Please contact your local federation or Ontario co-op services staff if you have any questions.

Province announces rent freeze for 2021

On September 17, Minister Steve Clark introduced Bill 204, Helping Tenants and Small Businesses Act, 2020. The legislation, if passed, freezes rents for most tenants for 2021. CHF Canada is still reviewing the bill but it appears not to apply to housing co-ops, so co-op members should still be able to make their own decisions about where to set market housing charges.

There may be impacts of the legislation on HSA co-ops in terms of RGI housing charges and subsidy as well as operating subsidy.

CHF Canada is tracking the progress of this bill and will keep members informed of the impact on co-op communities.

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