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Dallas AldersonDirector, Public Affairs and Policy(613) 230-2201 Ext. 230Email
Deirdre BainEducation Program Co-ordinator(613) 230-2201 Ext. 229Email
Daniele BourgeoisAdministrative Assistant, Finance and Corporate Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 0Email
Owen CarnahanCo-ordinator, Insurance and Risk Management(613) 230-2201 Ext. 236Email
Michelle ChapinManager, Human Resources613-230-2201 Ext. 245Email
Catherine CummingsCo-ordinator, Insurance, Asset Management and Financial Planning Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 246Email
René DaoustProgram Manager, Co-op & Planning Services, National(613) 230-2201 Ext. 228Email
Karine EthierExecutive Assistant(613) 230-2201 Ext. 239Email
Courtney LockhartAssociate Director, Public Affairs and Policy(613) 230-2201 Ext. 231Email
Cynthia MitchellProgram Manager, Membership & Events(613) 230-2201 Ext. 226Email
Sarah PashaiiAdministrative Assistant, Member Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 225Email
Tim RossExecutive Director(613) 230-2201 Ext. 222Email
Christine SeguinDirector, Finance and Corporate Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 235Email
Linda StephensonManager, Asset and Financial Planning Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 234Email
Patricia TessierDirector, Member Services(613) 230-2201 Ext. 241Email
Karen BrodeurRegional Manager, Atlantic866-213-2667 ext. 801 (toll-free)Email
Jaclyn JohnstonAtlantic Region Co-ordinator866-213-2667 ext. 803 (toll-free)Email
Julianna KennedyProgram Administrator, Atlantic Region1-800-465-2752, ext. 245 (toll-free)Email
Cathy VolansCo-ordinator, Co-op & Planning Services, Atlantic866-213-2667 ext. 802 (toll-free)Email
Maria Vaiaso Regional Manager, Prairies1-888-591-3301 (toll-free)Email
Jessica BundyCo-ordinator, Co-operative Housing Development1-800-268-2537, ext. 801 Email
Caroline ChapmanProgram Manager, Co-op & Planning Services, Ontario Region1-800-268-2537, ext. 237 Email
Jolene CushmanCommunications Co-ordinator1-800-268-2537, ext. 225Email
Moira DunphyProgram Manager, Communications, Ontario Region1-800-268-2537, Ext. 238Email
Melissa EstableManager, Co-operative Housing Development1-800-268-2537, Ext. 251Email
Peter GesiarzRegional Manager, Ontario1-800-268-2537, Ext. 236Email
Janet GrantExecutive Assistant1-800-268-2537, Ext. 222Email
Ofelia GuanlaoSenior Program Manager, Asset Management Services1-800-268-2537, Ext. 250Email
David HowardProgram Manager, Financial Planning Services1-800-268-2537, Ext. 239Email
Ami PatelDirector, Co-operative Housing Development1-800-268-2537, ext 232Email
Rajathi RatnasiriProgram Manager, Asset Management Services1-800-268-2537, ext 227Email
Dawn RichardsonProgram Manager, Co-op & Planning Services, Ontario Region1-800-268-2537, Ext. 228Email
Simone SwailSenior Manager, Government Relations1-800-268-2537, Ext. 223Email
Barbara SzymanskaAdministrative Assistant, Member Services1-800-268-2537, Ext. 226Email
Denise McGahanProgram Manager, Co-op & Planning Services, SW Ontario1-800-644-3949 (toll-free)Email
Gaye BissettAdministrative Assistant, Communications(604) 879-4116 Ext. 120Email
Sophie CooperProgram Manager, Education Services(604) 879-4116 Ext. 121Email
Scott JacksonManager, Communications(604) 879-4116 Ext. 122Email
Emily RudeProgram Manager, Asset Management Services416-366-2082 Ext 224Email