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Today the government announced legislation that will update Ontario’s Community Housing Sector

Published March 12, 2020

(Toronto, March 12, 2020) – Earlier today, the Honourable Steve Clark announced the Protecting Tenants and Community Housing Act, as part of the provincial governments Community Housing Renewal Strategy (CHRS). The proposed legislation to the Housing Service Act (HSA), 2011 would enable Ontario to update the community housing system.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada (CHF Canada) applauds the Ontario Government for introducing legislation that will help sustain, repair and expand the community housing sector for future generations to come.

Ontario’s provincial co-ops provide homes for over 21,000 low and middle-income households in 261 housing co-ops across the province. The majority of these buildings are 30 years old and are coming to the end of their mortgages. The current outdated legislation prevents co-ops from reinvesting their mortgage savings back into their buildings and threatens their financial sustainability.

“Today’s legislative announcement is a positive signal that the need to protect the long-term viability of existing provincial housing providers will be addressed as their mortgages come to an end.” said Harvey Cooper, Deputy Executive Director of CHF Canada.

The co-operative housing sector looks forward to continuing our work with Minister Steve Clark to build a better future for Ontario families living in non-profit and co-op housing.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada is the voice of over 125,000 people living in 550 non-profit housing co-ops in communities all across Ontario.

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Harvey Cooper, Deputy Executive Director, CHF Canada Tel: 416.366.8675 |hcooper@chfcanada.coop

Scott Parry, Manager, Government Relations, CHF Canada Tel: 416.366.8259 sparry@chfcanda.coop

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