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Include Co-op updates: co-op tours, webinar, and more!

Published September 12, 2019

Julie Dseroiwicz with members of Perth Ave. Housing Co-opHere are some quick updates from the Include Co-op campaign:

  • Interested in getting more involved in the campaign? Sign up for our Include Co-op webinar on Wednesday September 25, 2019, 1:30 – 2:30 pm EST. to learn about tools and tips to best engage with your candidates and community.
  • Last week, we hosted a few Co-op Tours. Thanks to the following candidates for attending:
    • Perth Avenue Housing Co-op – Andrew Cash (NDP) and Julie Dzerowicz (Liberal)
    • Newmarket Co-operative Homes – Yvonne Kelly (NDP), Tony van Bynen (Liberal)
  • Other tours are planned for:
    • Preston Heights Housing Co-op (Cambridge) Sep 10
    • Changemakers Housing Co-op (Kitchener South Hespeler) Sep 12
    • Northtown Housing Co-op (Niagara Centre) Sep 16
    • Halam Park Housing Co-op (Hamilton Mountain) Sep 23
    • Needham Housing Co-op (Halifax) Sep 24
    • Corktown Housing Co-op (Hamilton Centre) Sep 26
  • You can follow these events on Twitter at CHF Canada and Scott Parry

Learn more at includecoop.ca

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