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On April 3, your vote can support co-op housing in Prince Edward Island

Published March 16, 2023

A collage of 4 PEI housing co-ops

Amidst an affordability storm, co-ops provide stability, community connection, affordability and sustainability.

Housing is the biggest expense for most households, so surges in rents and homeownership costs rapidly increase the cost of living. This has a very real impact on households. A lack of community affordable housing is leading to displacement, mental anguish, and increasing homelessness on the Island and across the country.

Check the Campaign News section below for updates on affordable housing as an issue in the election campaign.

Housing co-ops and the 2023 provincial election

PEI legislative building in Charlottetown.CHF Canada urges the political parties in this campaign to support stabilizing rental assistance programs and release surplus public land and buildings for affordable housing.

  1. We recommend the province support stabilizing rental assistance programs like the Federal Community Housing Initiative (FCHI) so they do not end in 2028. About one quarter of households in co-ops rely on FCHI assistance to afford their housing charge. Providing assistance to low-income households through co-ops is a better use of public dollars, because the housing charges in co-ops are so much lower than in the private rental market, making the cost to government for this subsidy substantially lower. Rental assistance should be maintained over the long-term to provide stability for low- and moderate-income households.

Co-op homes are already built, paid for and situated within strong communities. By ensuring ongoing rental assistance programs, we can help low-income households live affordably.

  1. We also recommend the province of PEI release surplus public land and buildings at minimal to no cost, to be used for the construction of affordable housing. Land costs are often a big deterrent to new affordable housing development. Supporting the non-profit and co-op sector to build more housing through the land initiatives and public building acquisitions – will preserve and enhance rental housing options for Islanders.

As a member – you are an owner. Use your voice to support co-ops.

Questions to ask your candidates

  • A dozen members of PEI co-ops pose for a group photo.How will you work with the co-op and non-profit housing sector to develop more permanently affordable housing?
  • What will you do to ensure more seniors can age in place?
  • How will you work with the federal government to stabilize rental assistance programs, like the Federal Community Housing Initiative?
  • What is your plan to end homelessness in our province?

Take action

  • Make a plan to vote on April 3!
  • Call, email or tweet your local candidates.
  • Vote for the candidate who will best support co-op housing.

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