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Federal budget public survey: help make the case for co-op housing

Published February 10, 2021

The Government of Canada is looking for your input on the next federal budget. These consultations are an important part of how the federal government constructs their budget priorities, and we can help shape that budget by ensuring co-operative housing is on the agenda.

Take 5 minutes to complete this anonymous pre-budget questionnaire and be sure to include co-op housing as part of your recommendations.

You can encourage the federal government to:

  • Invest in affordable housing as an important way the government can help ensure an inclusive recovery.
  • Support low-income households through long-term rental assistance programs. Tell the government why it’s important for your co-op to welcome members into their community regardless of income.
  • Develop more co-operative housing so more people can experience vibrant co-op living. Share how your co-op has supported you through the pandemic.
  • Make it easier for co-ops to expand and develop. By improving National Housing Strategy programs – especially the Co-Investment Fund and the Federal Lands Initiative – co-ops will be able to build and prosper.

You can also consider including these statements:

  • Affordable housing is my top priority for Budget 2021.
  • Investing in affordable housing creates jobs, grows the economy, and keeps life affordable.
  • Co-op housing is a great alternative to renting or buying.

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