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You Hold the Key campaign delivers as CMHC launches enrollment for FCHI-2

Published October 09, 2019

Enrollment for the Federal Community Housing Initiative Phase 2 has officially begun for federally-administered co-ops.

CHF Canada has been waging an advocacy campaign under the banner of ‘You Hold the Key’ for a new rental assistance program for many years. The roll out of this program is the successful result of our collective efforts across the country.

We strongly urge member co-ops to familiarize themselves with this new program, and to take advantage of these funds.

  • If your co-op’s operating agreement expires between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2020, then CMHC has sent you a letter and you have until the November 20, 2019 deadline to enroll.
  • If your co-op’s operating agreement expires April 1, 2020 or later, CMHC will contact you at least six months prior to enroll.
  • If your co-op’s operating agreement expired before April 1, 2016, you need to wait while CMHC considers (and CHF Canada lobbies for) your eligibility.

 CHF Canada: Frequently Asked Questions on FCHI-2

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