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Campaign to keep our co-ops affordable – permanently!

Published July 20, 2017

Campaign to keep our co-ops affordable – permanently!

At our Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls last month, housing co-ops from across the county recommitted to protecting low-income co-op households.

We are coming to a critical point in this campaign. In the 2017 Budget, the federal government promised to continue funding for low income residents after the end of our operating agreements. And the National Housing Strategy is just months away from completion. That will set Canada’s direction on housing for years to come.

Now we need to push this campaign over the finish line. We need to make sure that the federal government follows through completely on its promises and uses the money set aside in this year’s budget to solve the growing subsidy crisis.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Take 60 seconds to send a message to your MP. We’ve written a brand new letter for you to send online. The message highlights the need to implement a permanent solution to the subsidy crisis before interim subsidy funding runs out in March 2018. Send your message now!
  2. Meet your MP. Summer events at your co-op are a great opportunity to have your MP meet your co-op’s members. It’s easy, using our info sheet on hosting a politician and invitation template. You can even partner up with other co-ops in your area to jointly host a summer event with your MP. If you can’t hold an event, go to other neighbourhood events and chat with your MP, or set up a meeting at their community office.

If you need any help or have any questions, please email Douglas Wong or contact him by phone (1-800-465-2752 x245).

Together we will succeed – and gain a permanent solution that keeps co-op housing affordable for all our members.

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