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Most multi-unit housing – whether non-profit co-op, private rental, or condominium  —  will at some point need funds to cover expensive capital replacements and upgrades such as roofing, siding, heating and other major building systems.

Often, it makes sense to do several of these renovations at once to be most cost efficient, but this requires a lot of money, more than a co-op typically has in savings.

Financing is a complex process.  It involves professionally assessing your buildings and property, planning and budgeting for needed work, and negotiating a large loan with favourable terms and rates.

CHF Canada understands that this is a difficult but vitally important process for housing co-ops, so we developed CHF Canada’s Financial Planning Services with the necessary expertise and partners to help members refinance more easily and with the confidence that comes from not having to “reinvent the wheel”.

CHF Canada and Newmarket Co-op have always had a great relationship and we are forever grateful to them for that and for all their support in our refinancing journey and whatever may lay ahead. - Mandy Lord, board member, Newmarket Housing Co-op, Newmarket, ON

For more information, and for help determining whether financing is the right option for your co-op, please contact CHF Canada’s Program Manager, Financial Planning Services, Dave Howard, at dhoward@chfcanada.coop or call 1-800-268-2537.