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I’m a new co-op staff person

I’m a new co-op staff person

Congratulations on your new role working in a housing co-op!

Whether you’ve lived or worked in a housing co-op before, or are completely new to the world of co-ops, we have many resources available to help you succeed in your role.

We encourage you to ask questions and take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow. Check out the Resources section on our website for lots of information on topics that will help keep things running smoothly at your housing co-op. (You’ll need to create an account on our website to access the Resources section.)

To get you started, here are some resources that we think might be especially helpful for a new co-op staff person:

  1. “Guide to Good Member Service”
  2. “The Core Management Standards”
  3. CHF Canada Services & Benefits
  4. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships
  5. Learn more about our Vision for the Future of the Co-operative Housing Movement in Canada.
  6. Follow CHF Canada on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter, and sign up for our eNews email newsletter to stay up to date on the latest co-op news and opportunities.