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Ontario Council

Ontario Council

The Ontario Council is the governing body of the Ontario Region.

Council members are elected at the annual meeting of Ontario members. At that meeting, members give direction to the Council; the Council then directs the work of the Ontario Region.

The Ontario Council has either eight or nine members. While some Council members represent specific groups, they are responsible to all Ontario members.

Council positions are:

  • four at-large members (three must come from housing co-ops)
  • one federations representative
  • one Northern Ontario representative
  • one staff organizations representative, and
  • one Ontario regional director from CHF Canada’s Board (if Council wishes, the Board can appoint a second director from Ontario).

Meet the current Council

At Large

Allison Chase (President) * click here for bio Email
David Corson (Treasurer) † click here for bio Email
David McFarlane (Vice-President) † click here for bio Email
Clinton Reid (2nd Vice-President) * click here for bio Email


Mary Ann Hannant * click here for bio Email

Northern Ontario

Sharon Carolan-McKinnon † click here for bio Email

Staff Organizations

Carine Nind † click here for bio Email

Ontario Regional Director

Tom Clement** click here for bio Email

* term ends in 2019     **term ends in 2020  †term ends in 2021

Interested in getting involved?

Learn more about our elections; find out who can run and how to become a candidate.