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What is the Co‑operative Housing Federation of Toronto (CHFT)?

The oldest federation in Canada, CHFT was founded in 1973 to develop, represent and serve housing co‑ops in Toronto; members now include co-ops in the York and Durham regions. There are over 160 CHFT member co‑ops.

CHFT is a founding member of Ontario Co-op Housing Federations. A staff member represents CHFT on CHF Canada’s Federations Committee.

How is CHFT run?

CHFT is governed by a board of nine directors. The board works with an executive director, who supervises 10 staff members.

Member services include: 

  • over-the-phone advice
  • in-depth consultation
  • chairing of difficult meetings
  • public and government relations
  • Co‑op Cost-Cutters
  • mediation services to resolve disputes between neighbours
  • sweep-account investment pooling
  • job-readiness training and emergency loans linked with credit counselling are some newer services provided for individual co‑op members
  • trained instructors delivering a wide-range of workshops in co‑op living and management
  • leading publishing partner with CHF Canada, creating and updating training materials
  • lobbying activities with CHF Canada on behalf of CHFT members, and
  • active participation in CHF Canada’s diversity program.

How can I contact CHFT?

306-658 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4J 5B9

Phone: (416) 465-8688
Fax: (416) 465-8337
Email: info@coophousing.com

For more information please visit the CHFT website.