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An Introduction to Co-op Housing Management in Ontario: popular course moves online

Published February 10, 2022

Registration is now open for CHF Canada’s course, An Introduction to Co-op Housing Management in Ontario. It is being held online over two days: April 25 and 27.

This workshop is designed for new managers or people preparing to work for a housing co‑op in Ontario. It is also a good resource for co‑op managers looking to refresh their skills.


Managing a housing co‑op is different from managing other types of rental housing. Of course, you:

  • pay the bills
  • fill vacancies and
  • keep the property in good repair.

But as a co‑op manager, you work for a democratically controlled organization. You also:

  • need to understand the laws unique to co-op housing;
  • stay updated on rules that are part of the co-op’s funding arrangements with government, and
  • help the board and members govern the co-op.

Course description

An Introduction to Co‑operative Housing Management is a lively introduction to the unique features of co‑op housing management. The course has been updated for online delivery while keeping the participatory features of the traditional in-person course. Participants will complete the first module of the course online prior to two days of live sessions using the Zoom meeting platform. A short quiz at the end will complete the course.

Materials have been updated to reflect current best practices, and any relevant changes to legislation.

At the session you will get:

  • two days of management training, delivered by some of the sector’s most experienced educators
  • a chance to ask questions, discuss issues and do case studies
  • ideas and inspiration from your peers
  • a reference package with useful information
  • a good grounding in the basics every co‑op manager needs to do the best job possible.

Intro to Co-op Management details

April 25 and 27
10-12 am and 1-4 pm each day
Registration is capped at 40 participants.

Member co-ops             $250.00
Youth (under 35)          $150.00
Service managers          $300.00

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