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Change to MemberGuard program underwriting

Published April 29, 2020

The Co-operators is moving the underwriting of CHF Canada’s MemberGuard insurance program from Coseco Insurance to Co-operators General Insurance.  Co-op households with a MemberGuard policy will receive (or have already received) a letter informing of this administrative change.

Recently, you may have received a letter from your MemberGuard contents and liability insurance provider, COSECO Insurance Company, which outlined upcoming changes to their underwriting company, and notified you that CHF Canada MemberGuard policies are transitioning over to Co-operators General Insurance Company. Both underwriters are part of the same member organization, The Co-operators Group of Companies.

This transition began in the Atlantic provinces late last year, continued in Quebec in early 2020 and recently started in Ontario and West in early April. Policies will automatically transition between underwriters, so no action is needed on your part.

Closer to your individual renewal date you’ll receive a letter which explains that your policy with COSECO Insurance Company expires on your renewal date – this is simply a legal notification that COSECO is required to send to their policyholders.

As with all renewals, individual qualification and underwriting guidelines are reviewed to ensure the best coverage options are available to you as a valued CHF Canada member with a MemberGuard policy. In rare cases where underwriting guidelines affect individual eligibility criteria and impacts the company’s ability to offer a renewal through Co-operators General Insurance Company, timely notification will be sent.

If you have any questions, please call The Co-operators Contact Centre at 1-800-387-1963.

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