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Story Ideas

Story Ideas

Canada’s housing co-ops are welcoming, self-determined communities, filled with wonderful people with diverse backgrounds and incomes.

Each co-op is different, though they are all guided by a set of internationally shared co-op principles that include open membership and concern for community.

And housing co-ops are full of great stories about providing wonderful, welcoming homes for people with low and moderate incomes.

Here are several possible story ideas about Canada’s housing co-ops:

  • One of the several housing co-op success stories featured on this website
  • How individual co-op members have benefitted economically and socially from living in an affordable, welcoming housing co-op community.
  • How many housing co-ops have created social initiatives, including daycares, youth and seniors groups, and community outreach, thereby strengthening their communities and surrounding neighbourhoods.
  • How a housing co-op, governed by its members, is taking good care of a multimillion dollar, multiunit housing co-op.
  • How co-op members have developed leadership and business skills that often help them in other areas of their lives, such as employment and career growth.
  • How Canada’s housing co-ops help one another by joining together in regional and national federations to share best practices and education, and to pool their buying power and their strong political voice.
  • How Canada’s housing co-ops are taking care of their aging buildings and exploring opportunities for new development in partnership with credit unions (financial co-operatives) and other partners, including government.

CHF Canada would be happy to help you choose a story about a housing co-op, co-op member or co-op project that suits the interest of your audience. For assistance, contact us.