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CHF Canada launches Reconciliation Toolkit

Published June 17, 2020

In advance of June 21, National Indigenous Peoples Day, CHF Canada is pleased to launch Building Better Relationships: A Reconciliation Toolkit.

The Toolkit, developed based on feedback from months of consultations, features printable pages suitable for posting in your co-op, as well as a list of readings, resources and links to promote reconciliation through learning and relationship building.

The cover is an original piece of artwork produced by Nalakwsis, a Cree, two-spirit artist from Whapmagoostui, QC, based on a photo of Alex Laidlaw Co-op in Ottawa, ON.

CHF Canada’s Reconciliation Journey commenced in 2018 with a member resolution. In 2019, CHF Canada engaged consultant Jackie Hogue who supported a widespread consultation with members, staff, Board and Council. The journey has involved much listening, learning and action.  These consultations informed the development of a member tool kit with practical ways for members to begin their own journey toward reconciliation.

“Reconciliation is the responsibility of every Canadian and every organization,” says Tina Stevens, CHF Canada’s President and Director Representing Indigenous Communities.

“This toolkit is an important first step on CHF Canada’s reconciliation journey to move toward a better, more equitable future. We encourage CHF Canada member co-ops to use it to learn and to take up some of the suggested initiatives to understand the past and present injustices committed against Indigenous peoples and what needs to change to foster better relationships.”

In the coming months, CHF Canada will be circulating information from the Toolkit in other user-friendly formats, and we are planning an online session, featuring Jackie Hogue and Tina Stevens, CHF Canada Director Representing Indigenous Communities, to discuss the Toolkit and next steps on our reconciliation journey.

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