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Diversity Scholarship Application

Deadline: April 30, 2021

CHF Canada recognizes that the strength of its membership is in the many cultures and identities represented within co-ops. The purpose of the Diversity Scholarship is to recognize young people living in co-ops who are actively promoting diversity in their community. Our goal is to financially support the emerging leaders of the co-op housing movement in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

Young Member Academic Scholarships

In Manitoba and Southwestern Ontario the scholarship is $6,000 distributed over 4 years. Recipients will receive $1,500 for each year of study, up to a maximum of $6,000. In Atlantic Canada, the scholarship is $5,000 over four years with recipients receiving $2,000 the first year and $1,000 subsequent years.

Scholarships are awarded to students graduating from high school and entering college or university. We also offer scholarships for students who are currently enrolled in college or university undergraduate program or are returning to college or university after a break to complete an undergraduate or post-graduate program.


Applicants must:

  • live or maintain a primary residence in a CHF Canada member housing co-op in the region you are applying (Manitoba, Southwestern Ontario or Atlantic Canada.)
  • plan to attend a publicly funded Canadian community college, university or approved apprenticeship training program on a full-time basis in the 2021/2022 academic year
  • have used their knowledge and understanding of diversity to make a positive contribution to their school and/or local community
  • be under 35 years old

Training Scholarships (Pilot Initiative)

Housing co-op leaders who are actively involved and promoting diversity in their community and who wish to undertake training to improve their skills to better serve their housing co-operative can access this new Training Scholarship.

Training in diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, unconscious bias, gender equality and language training are all examples of possible training options that can be funded through this training scholarship. This could be in the form of a course, seminar, workshop, or even bringing in a traditional knowledge keeper for mentoring.

Training scholarship amounts can vary between $100 and $1000 and will be allocated according to available funding and based on Young Member Academic Scholarship demand.


Applicants must:

  • live or maintain a primary residence in a CHF Canada member housing co-op in the region you are applying (Manitoba, Southwestern Ontario or Atlantic Canada.)
  • complete a training program related to diversity, inclusion, reconciliation, unconscious bias or equality or related during 2021/2022.
  • have used, or plan to use, their knowledge and understanding of diversity, equity and/or inclusion to make a positive contribution to their local community (provide examples)
  • be an active board or committee member

Important information

To apply, fill out this application online. Attach your essay and all of the required documents.

Remember to gather all the required documents from your sources well ahead of the April 30, 2021 deadline.

For Young Member Academic Scholarships:

If you are already attending college or university, the scholarship is pro-rated for your undergraduate program. For example, someone partway through a program would be funded for the remaining years of that program.

Students will have to show us:

  • proof that they are registered as a full-time student
  • a transcript showing passing marks for the program
  • proof that their accounts with the college or university are up to date

For Training Scholarships:

Training scholarships will be awarded to board and committee members planning to attend short-term courses no longer than one year. We will not retroactively award training scholarships for courses already completed. Payment will be issued upon receiving receipts as proof of payment.

    Part A - Personal Information

    This scholarship is for candidates who meet the criteria above and who live or maintain a primary residence in a CHF Canada member housing co-op in Manitoba, South-West Ontario or Atlantic Canada. Please select the region where you live:

    First Name
    Last Name
    Date of Birth
    Phone number
    Your Email
    Name of the CHF Canada member co-op you live in
    Home address
    Postal Code


    Young Member Academic Scholarships only:

    As of September 2021, I will be enrolled in for

    What program are you enrolled in or plan to enroll in? (include length of program)
    Post-secondary institution you plan to attend:
    What is the name of the high school you are graduating or have graduated from?
    In which year will you graduate or did you graduate from high school?
    If you are already in a college or university program, please provide proof of registration.

    Training Scholarships only:

    What program are you enrolled in or plan to enroll in? (include a length of program)
    Institution you plan to attend:
    Cost of program:
    How will this training help you advance diversity, inclusion, and equity including reconciliation with Indigenous people, in your housing co-op?

    Part B - Volunteer Activities

    List the three most recent volunteer activities you participated in that helped to support your community or co-op. In the space provided, describe the activity and your role and responsibilities.

    1. Organization Name
    2. Organization Name
    3. Organization Name

    Part C – Reflection (optional)

    Reflection: After reading materials provided below, or other information you have found, share with us your thoughts on ways in which housing co-op and/or the co-op housing sector can become more diverse, inclusive and take steps toward great equity.
    Reading materials that may assist you:

    Part D - References

    • If you are graduating from high school, one letter must be from a teacher, guidance counsellor or administrator from your school and on school letterhead.
    • If you are part way through your college or university program, one letter should be from an instructor or professor on letterhead.
    • If you are returning to school after an interruption, your letters could be from your co-op's manager, or an employer.
    • Both letters should illustrate your character, community contributions and the likelihood of your future academic success (in relation to the Young Member Academic Scholarships.)
    • If you are returning to school after an interruption or are applying for the Training Scholarship, your letters could be from your co-op's manager, or an employer.

    Reference 1:

    Full name
    Email address
    Phone number
    Please upload reference letter here:

    Reference 2:

    Full name
    Email address
    Phone number
    Please upload reference letter here:

    Transcript (Young Member Academic Scholarships only)

    Please upload an up-to-date academic transcript.

    Part E - Financial Situation (Young Member Academic Scholarships only)

    Please fill in the chart below with approximate amounts. It should reflect any expenses and income sources for the upcoming year. Remember you are calculating for the entire year and not just the school year. Misrepresentation of your financial situation will result in your application being disqualified.


    Housing $
    Travel (car, public transit) $
    Tuition and fees $
    Books and supplies $
    Personal (personal care items, etc.) $
    Other (please specify) $
    Total Expenses $


    Personal savings $
    Student loans or grants $
    Awards and bursaries $
    Family contribution $
    RESPs $
    Other (please specify) $
    Total income $

    Part F - Consent and Declaration

    I certify that this application has been honestly and accurately completed. I understand that any false or incomplete information may cancel my application.

    I, agree that

    1. Scholarship decisions may only be made by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada and that those decisions are final.
    2. Scholarship funds will only be granted to me if I am living in a CHF Canada member housing co-op and enrolled full time in a publicly funded Canadian college or university or approved apprentice training program for the upcoming academic year.
    3. If I am successful, I will:

      • attend CHF Canada’s in person event to receive the scholarship, or if requested, prepare a short video
      • provide a photo of myself for promoting the Diversity Scholarship online and in CHF Canada’s eNews publications.
      • join CHF Canada’s Young Member Network (insert link) (Young Member Academic Scholarships only)
    4. I will participate in CHF Canada’s award ceremony (date to be confirmed) and other events if my attendance is requested.
    Parent/guardian’s name (if under 18 years old)
    Parent/guardian’s email or phone number (if under 18 years old)

    Keep In Mind

    Application deadline: April 30, 2021 at 5:00 P.M.(EST)

    Interviews will take place either by phone, online or in person a few weeks after the application deadline.