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CHF Canada welcomes more funding for Ontario social housing retrofits

August 24, 2017 (Ontario) – Today, CHF Canada supported Minister of Housing Peter Milczyn’s announcement that Ontario is investing $200 million to retrofit social housing apartment buildings to reduce our carbon footprint.

In our 2017 pre-budget submission to Queen’s Park, President David Waters made the case for investing in green housing: “Housing co-op communities have proven time and again that they are leaders in sustainable housing, and can build the community change necessary for a sustainable future.”

Last year, Ontario invested $82 million dollars from the Green Investment Fund to provide grants through the Social Housing Apartment Retrofit Program (SHARP). CHF Canada was pleased to see that housing co-ops were well-represented in the group of recipients of this funding. These retrofits improve our co-op members’ quality of life and provide relief in their heating bills.

Building on the success of SHARP, Minister Milczyn announced that Ontario will invest in apartment tower retrofits: $200 million in 2017, and up to $375 million over the next three years.

The announcement was made this morning on the green rooftop of Hugh Garner Housing Co-op in Toronto. Hugh Garner Co-op has won awards for their sustainability initiatives.

Toronto Mayor John Tory spoke at the announcement, voicing his support for the funding, noting it will make a significant impact on Toronto’s social housing. Also attending the event were MPP Han Dong (Trinity-Spadina) and Councillor Ana Bailao (Ward 18 Davenport).

“Co-ops are very pleased today to see the province make such a significant investment of cap-and-trade revenues into affordable housing. It’s a win-win solution. Retrofitting older apartment towers has proven to be one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gases, and it helps preserve this affordable housing for generations to come.” Harvey Cooper, Managing Director, CHF Canada Ontario Region

CHF Canada Ontario Region is the voice of Ontario’s co-operative housing movement. Its members include over 500 non-profit housing co-operatives and other organizations across the province.  More than 125,000 Ontarians live in housing co-ops, in every region of the province.

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