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Co-ops and The Co-operators

Co-ops and The Co-operators

CHF Canada and The Co-operators work together to provide insurance coverage tailored to housing co-ops. The partnership between Co-operators agents and you, the member co-op, is an important one.

Each year, a representative from The Co-operators visits every co-op in the program. Why are these visits important?

  • Your co-op can ask questions about your premium.
  • The Co-operators will assess which tier your co-op qualifies for.
  • You’ll work through a loss prevention form to identify potential risks and claims.
  • It could save you money!

Be sure to schedule your co-op’s visit with your Co-operators representative by phone or by filling out this contact sheet and returning via email or post.

If your co-op doesn’t have a loss prevention plan, now is the time to make one. Download CHF Canada’s loss prevention program instructions and template and customize it for your co-op.