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CHF Canada’s Aging in Place Exchange Network

An older Black man uses a laptop, shown from behindThe Aging in Place Exchange Network is a new national online network that mobilizes a diverse range of co-op housing leaders with interest and expertise in aging in place including lived experience.

The network’s online platform is a place to share initiatives, knowledge, practices and experiences of aging in place among housing co-op members from regions across Canada.

The Exchange Network uses an online community platform. This platform helps interested co-operators connect with each other between network events to share information and experiences about aging in place in co-op housing communities. The network also hosts online events such as presentations, group discussions and workshops.

Becoming a member of the Aging in Place Exchange Network

The Aging in Place Exchange Network is open to all members, directors and employees of CHF Canada’s members including housing co-operatives, regional federations and property management companies. The network is an invitation-only network. Anyone interested in joining the network must contact info@chfcanada.coop.

The network is looking for members with:

  • special aging-in-place expertise
  • demonstrated commitment to aging-in-place issues
  • passion about aging-in-place issues
  • openness to sharing ideas and experiences.

Members of the Exchange Network are encouraged to mobilize their own local networks, share information, host and take part in official events or discussions and bring forward commitments and actions.

Here’s a “How to guide” to help you join and participate in the Aging in Place Exchange Network.

To join and participate in the Aging in Place Exchange Network, we ask you to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.