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Online Learning FAQs

What is a learning management system (LMS)?

To offer an online learning program, a learning management system (LMS) used. The learning management system is a web-based application that provides learners with tools for finding and managing their online learning.

What is IHM and the Property Management Certificate?

The Institute of Housing Management (IHM) is an incorporated educational body dedicated to promoting and enhancing skills and knowledge of individuals in the private property management industry for over 30 years.

IHM’s Property Management Certificate combined with several years of practical experience in property management will lead you to accreditation status with IHM. Once you have been granted accreditation you have earned the privilege of Accredited Member (A.I.H.M.) designation.. For more information please see IHM.

The IHM certificate program requires the completion of 4-5 core courses and 1-2 electives. The Co‑op Difference program counts as one elective.

What happens if I fail an exam?

If you purchase one or more modules and fail a final exam you can register for a retake exam. You must register and complete the retake exam within three months of failing the final exam. During the three months you will have access to the module and all of the materials. There is a $20 fee for retaking the exam and you can only retake it once.

If you purchased the exemption exam and fail an exam on one or more of the modules, you can purchase the individual modules or entire program and retake the exams.

Do I have to have or create a PayPal account to pay by credit card?

No. Paypal allows you to purchase your courses by credit card without creating an account if you like. Simply follow the directions for “Don’t have an account” when you checkout.

How do I pay by invoice?

The invoice option is available to CHF Canada members only. To pay by invoice have your co‑op’s manager contact the online learning administrator. If you have already created an online learning account make sure your manager know your username and email address.