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Ontario: Speak up for co-op housing

A group of smiling neighbours beside the words "2022 MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS Vote Monday, October 24

Mayors and councillors are in charge of some of the most important decisions that can impact the future of co-op housing in your community. This year, this is truer than ever as many HSA co-ops will be looking to sign new agreements with their municipality after they have paid off their mortgage.

CHF Canada, the regional federations and Ontario co-ops worked for five years to protect HSA co-ops as they reach the end of mortgage. In March, the Ontario government announced new regulations that are a positive step forward. Now, as municipal elections approach, our attention turns to the municipalities as each HSA co-op moves to a new agreement.

This election, ask candidates if they will:

Work with the HSA co-ops in their area to ensure they are offered fair agreements that support the long-term health and sustainability of the community.Three young women smile for the camera

  • Over 250 HSA co-ops, home to 21,000 households, are nearing the end of their mortgage across Ontario.
  • Making sure these co-ops are offered a fair agreement at the end of mortgage is a municipal decision. This is key to the long-term health and sustainability of these communities.

 Build more permanently affordable co-operative housing.

  • Ontario needs to create 10,000 units a year of affordable housing over the next 10 years to meet the existing and growing need – and this is a conservative estimate.
  • Co-ops are ready to partner with municipalities to build new affordable housing or convert existing private rental housing to co-op.

Why co-op housing?

  • Co-ops have a strong record of building healthy, inclusive communities.
  • Co-ops are mixed-income communities that remain affordable for low- and middle-income households for the long-term.
  • Co-ops are not just housing – they’re home.

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