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RESOLUTION 3: Homes for People Before Profit

SUBMITTED BY:                CHF Canada Board of Directors


Dallas Alderson

Director, Public Affairs and Policy

CHF Canada

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  1. THAT CHF Canada urge the federal government to enable the development of more co‑operative housing as a way to reverse the impact of the financialization of housing, especially for Black, Indigenous and other equity seeking communities who too often experience housing need.
  2. THAT CHF Canada urge the federal government to preserve affordable market rental housing by enabling co-ops and non-profits to purchase this type of housing, with the goal of transforming them into housing co-ops, so that they remain secure and affordable for the long-term.
  3. THAT CHF Canada’s advocacy to all governments emphasizes that more co-op housing will help realize housing as a human right; and
  4. AND THAT CHF Canada work with the regional federations and other sector partners to build support for this goal.


  1. The financialization of housing is the process whereby housing is increasingly treated as an investment rather than someone’s home. Impacts of the financialization of housing include devastating rent increases and housing insecurity, which can in turn lead to eviction, food insecurity, homelessness and more.
  2. Canada is in a housing crisis, which unfairly impacts certain groups, especially Indigenous peoples, racialized communities, newcomers, people with disabilities, lone-parent families, gender-diverse people, youth, seniors, and others.
  3. CHF Canada is a member of Vote Housing, a national, non-partisan coalition started during the 2021 federal election. Vote Housing developed six policies to end homelessness and housing need in Canada, including implementing the progressive right to housing, and measures to reverse the impact of the financialization of housing.
  4. The Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion is mandated by the Prime Minister to make investments and policy decisions to expand Canada’s housing supply, to continue to advance the Government of Canada’s investments in affordable housing and to extend the model of co-op housing to new communities.
  5. By advocating for housing as a human right, we show concern for community and embody the co-operative values of equity, equality, democracy and solidarity. The co-operative difference builds stronger communities inside and outside of housing co-operatives.


Funding for CHF Canada’s government relations and lobbying activities have been included in the 2022 and 2023 operating budgets.