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Resolution 3: Recognition of Member-Managed Co-ops

SUBMITTED BY: Kabuki Housing Co-operative
CONTACT: Dorota Forfa
2467 Agricola Street
Halifax, NS B3K 4C3
Tel: (902) 210-7226
Email: kabuki.housing.cooperative@gmail.com


  1. THAT CHF Canada include member-managed housing co-operatives in their common vision for the future of co-op housing movement;
  2. THAT CHF Canada acknowledge and support member-managed housing co-operatives by creating opportunities for collaboration and dialogue;
  3. THAT CHF Canada facilitate dialogue with its member-managed co-operatives to gain understanding of how this model can be acknowledged and supported as part of the current and future co-op housing movement;
  4. AND THAT CHF Canada provide member-managed co-ops with the opportunity to
    participate in discussions at events, to understand how these co-ops could work together and
    grow with the movement.


  1. At the 2015 AGM in Charlottetown the members tabled our Resolution on supporting member-managed co-operatives, in which members operate and govern their co-operative primarily through volunteer efforts of committee work. The CHF Canada board did not endorse this resolution.
  2. At the 2016 AGM in Hamilton the CHF Canada Board endorsed, and members passed, the resolution recognizing and supporting the role of small, member-managed housing co-operatives within the Housing Co-op movement. Self-managed co-operatives remain a vital part of the grass-roots of co-op housing movement, however there are limited opportunities for collaboration and acknowledgement of member-managed housing co-operatives.


Funding for CHF Canada’s Member Service programs are available in the 2021 operating budgets.


  1. As was reported in the 2017 Action Taken on Resolutions Report to the Members, CHF Canada has continued to offer education and training programs that are open to all member housing co-ops, including small, member-managed co-ops, and we will make sure that our delivery of these services is maintained.
  2. CHF Canada’s Vision for the Future of the Canadian Co-operative Housing Movement was endorsed by the members at the 2018 Annual General Meeting. CHF Canada’s Vision of Co-operative Housing for All. The vision focuses on the sustainability and inclusivity of all co-operative homes, and also embraces growth to offer significantly more people an opportunity to call co-op housing, home. The vision states that “we all have a role in achieving this vision. All persons living, leading, and working in co-operative housing have a
    stake and a voice in the future of the co-operative housing movement in Canada.” This includes member-managed housing co-operatives.
  3. We acknowledge and support all members by creating opportunities for collaboration and dialogue at our education and member engagement programing. All members may call on CHF Canada’s services to learn how we can support their needs. Member-managed housing co-operatives are welcome to contact our offices for service.
  4. We are leveraging technology in order to increase the accessibility and reach of our services. Financial barriers that might have existed for smaller, member-managed co-operatives, such as travel, accommodations, and higher registration fees due to facility rentals are significantly reduced in the context of online learning and engagement.
  5. Like all members, member-managed co-operatives will soon have a new tool to connect and work together to grow with the movement. The BuddyUp! Platform is a project of CHF Canada and the Community Housing Transformation Centre designed for knowledge sharing and capacity building among members of housing co-operatives. This platform will enable mutual aid and networking among communities of interest within co-ops and within our sector, including member-managed housing co-operatives.
  6. The board of CHF Canada agrees that good governance and sound management are essential for all co-operatives to become successful businesses whatever their size. In 2004 our members adopted the Core Management Standards which sets out a blueprint for good co-op management. The standards identify the results that co-ops need to achieve along with the expertise and tools needed to achieve them. These are the standards that CHF Canada promotes to its members. It’s up to our members to decide how to get there.
  7. We know that some of our members have been successfully managed through the volunteer efforts of their members. However, most co-ops have achieved success through a partnership of co-op members and professional managers. The board agrees that co-ops of all sizes should have access to CHF Canada’s services like education, advice and information; insurance and risk management; and long term planning and financing.