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The co-op housing sector is innovative and works with private, public and non-profit partners.

Several new public programs have been announced that will support the development of new co-op homes:

  • The Co-operative Housing Development Program has launched! This $1.5 billion federal program will support the construction of new co-operative homes. It is the first dedicated co-operative housing program in over thirty years. 
  • The Canada Rental Protection Fund announced in April 2024 is another $1.5-billion program that will enable housing co-ops and other forms of community housing to buy market rental buildings to protect renters.

Provincial and municipal programs are also a critical component to the development of more co-operative homes. We continue to work with governments at all levels.

The co-op housing sector advocated for these programs and is readying a pipeline of projects so that co-op homes can be built and acquired as soon as they are launched.

But the demands are high. Waiting lists for existing co-ops are years long or closed.

This work must accelerate so more individuals and families have the option of secure, affordable co-operative living. Our advocacy work continues.

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