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Stories of Success

Check out the difference co-op housing has made, and how dreams and aspirations for more co-ops are turning into reality.

Co-op Housing For All

Co-op Housing for All is a commitment by housing co-ops and co-op housing sector organizations to work together towards sustainability and growth.

Our Co-op Housing for All Peer Network includes many of this work’s leaders. They have successfully driven new developments or co-op expansion projects across the country and are happy to share their experience with other CHF Canada members interested in developing co-op homes.


Here’s how we are building more co-op housing today:

  • Sector-led co-operatives, like Compass Nova Scotia, provide co-op homes on multiple sites and are leveraging scale to develop even more.
  • The co-op housing sector has spearheaded the development of community land trusts, such as Co-op Housing Land Trusts (CHLT) in Toronto, established by the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto, and the Community Land Trust of BC, established by the Co-operative Housing Federation of BC, have successfully developed new properties, with more in the pipeline.
  • The Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto is partnering with the City of Toronto, Civic Developments and Windmill Development Group to build and ultimately operate over 600 new co-op homes as part of a larger project.
  • And many other housing co-ops and their partners across the country are looking at what land, equity and financing they can assemble to build more co-op homes, like in Kingston, Montreal and Winnipeg.

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