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Old Grace Housing Co-op: It’s not a condo, it’s a co-op!

Published June 18, 2019

The residents of Winnipeg’s brand-new Old Grace Housing Co-op share a sunny common area, a shared library, a children’s nook filled with books and toys, a community patio, gardens, an exercise room, and guest rooms for visitors. A central courtyard encourages neighbours to greet and chat with one another.

These sound like the amenities of a new condo development, but Old Grace is home to residents who pay a reduced, subsidized rent as well as those who pay an average market rent for the area. The community includes about 100 people ranging in age from newborn babies to seniors, and includes five new immigrant families.

With all these community advantages, it’s no surprise that Old Grace Housing Co-op already has over 300 people on its waiting list.

Built on the site of the former Grace hospital, Old Grace opened in 2018 and had its formal launch in 2019. The $17 million project was developed with funding assistance from three levels of government, loans, donations and member shares.

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