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Success Stories

  • Unified Saint John Housing Co-op

    Unified Saint John Housing Co-op

    The biggest merger in Canadian co-op housing history began with the desire for a stronger voice, financial sustainability and more opportunities for engagement.

  • Tamil Co-operative Homes

    Tamil Co-operative Homes

    Once a haven for Tamil refugees, today this co-op welcomes immigrants from many countries and is considered not just an affordable stop but a permanent home.

  • Faethorne Place Housing Co-op

    Faethorne Place Housing Co-op

    How does a housing co-op become a green leader? One community garden, plot and greenhouse at a time.

  • Fraserview Co-op

    Fraserview Co-op

    Developed in partnership with the City, this innovative project will provide affordable community housing desperately needed in a region with sky-high rents and real estate.

  • Stanley Knowles Co-op

    Stanley Knowles Co-op

    Flanked by condo towers in the dynamic Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood of Toronto, the co-op’s 103 units are home to a diverse community, 2/3 of whom are seniors.

  • Western Manitoba Seniors Housing Co-op

    Western Manitoba Seniors Housing Co-op

    When confronted with a chronic housing shortage, seniors in Brandon, Manitoba, went “Old School Co-operative” for a solution.

  • Hugh Garner Housing Co-op

    Hugh Garner Housing Co-op

    This forward-looking community engaged politicians, ministers and other decision-makers to the benefit of thousands of housing co-op members across the country.

  • Village Canadien Housing Co-op

    Village Canadien Housing Co-op

    Tireless lobbying for almost a decade lead to a result worth celebrating: with a new mortgage to revitalize aging homes.

  • Sundance Housing Co-op

    Sundance Housing Co-op

    After operating for more than 40 years, this Edmonton co-op has begun a deep energy retrofit project.