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Success Stories

  • Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Housing Co-op

    Local 75 Hospitality Workers’ Housing Co-op

    Social-housing units are being demolished + hospitality workers are searching for a training centre + a city needs more co-ops = Local 75.

  • Castlegreen Housing Co-operative

    Castlegreen Housing Co-operative

    Working for all neighbouring co-ops, Castlegreen successfully approached city council to campaign on behalf of low-income, vulnerable households.

  • Atkinson Co-op

    Atkinson Co-op

    Want change? Speak up. How social-housing residents transformed their homes into a co-operative and are tackling an enviable revitalization project.

  • Stanley Knowles Co-op

    Stanley Knowles Co-op

    Flanked by condo towers in the dynamic Yonge-Eglinton neighborhood of Toronto, the co-op’s 103 units are home to a diverse community, 2/3 of whom are seniors.