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2021 Annual Meeting

CHF Canada’s 2021 Annual Meeting will take place online in June.


Visit our Call for Candidates page for more information on running for governance roles.


Is there an issue that CHF Canada should be prioritizing? Consider submitting a resolution.

Resolutions are your chance to provide direction to Canada’s co-op housing movement.

Resolutions are considered and voted on by delegates at the National Business Meeting.

To submit a resolution for CHF Canada’s National Business Meeting, complete the resolution form below by March 15, 2021.

You can complete the resolution form online below.

The 2021 Annual Meeting resolutions will be emailed to members and posted online after April 28, 2021.

For previous resolutions, please click here.

Resolution for CHF Canada’s 2021 Annual Meeting

    This resolution is for the meeting of:
    all CHF Canada membersthe Ontario region

    All resolutions must arrive at the CHF Canada office by March 15, 2021.