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Resolution R2: You Hold the Key

SUBMITTED BY: Ontario Council


Harvey Cooper
Managing Director, Ontario Region
313-720 Spadina Avenue
Toronto, ON M5S 2T9
Tel: 1-800-268-2537, ext. 237
Email: hcooper@chfcanada.coop


  1. THAT in the coming provincial election in 2018 CHF Canada’s Ontario Region focus its campaign on the theme “You Hold the Key”;
  2. THAT in the campaign we call on all political parties to commit to:
    • finding a long-term solution to protect low-income members in federal housing co-ops, and
    • fixing the chronic shortage of affordable housing in Ontario by investing in new, permanently affordable non-profit housing with a specific target for developing new co-op housing units;
  3. THAT during the campaign, and throughout the year in the build up to it, co-ops across Ontario work with the regional federations and the Ontario Region to make sure that every candidate with a co-op in their area knows the benefits of co-op housing and that they hold the key to keeping vulnerable co-op members in their homes;
  4. AND THAT the Ontario Region provide resources and leadership, and work in partnership with regional federations to promote and support co-op engagement in the campaign.

AGM Action:
Adopted as presented