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Resolution 1: Promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Co-op 2030 Vision

Resolution 2: Build more non-market housing in Canada

Resolution 3: Recognize and support co-operative property management staff

Resolution 4: Stabilize rental assistance


Resolution 1: General Member Policy Updates

Resolution 2: Build the Next Generation of Co-operative Housing

Resolution 3: Homes for People Before Profit

Resolution 4: Moving Forward with the Fix the Formula 4 Co-ops Campaign

2022 Financial Resolutions


Resolution 1: Renewed Federal Advocacy Priorities

Resolution 2: Fix the Funding Formula for Ontario’s HSA Co-ops

Resolution 3: Recognition of Member-Managed Co-ops

2021 Financial Resolutions



SPECIAL RESOLUTION 1: Electronic Member Meetings

SPECIAL RESOLUTION 2: Unified and Effective Governance of CHF Canada

Financial resolutions for 2020 Annual General Meeting


SPECIAL RESOLUTION R1: Unified and Effective Governance of CHF Canada



National Resolution 1: Governance Reorganization

National Resolution 2: 2019 Federal Election Campaign

Financial Resolutions for 2019 Annual General Meeting

Late Resolution 1: Repair, renovation, and remediation in housing co-operatives

Late Resolution 2: Global climate emergency endorsement


Ontario Resolution R1: Governance Reorganization

Ontario Resolution R2: Protect Ontario’s Housing Co-ops



Resolution 1: Response to the Opioid Crisis in Canada

Resolution 2: Campaign to Protect and Grow Co-operative Housing

Resolution 3: Housing Co-ops and Reconciliation With Indigenous Peoples

Resolution 4: Investment of Endowment Funds to Support the Growth of Co-operative Housing in Canada

Resolution 5: a Vision for the Future of Co-operative Housing in Canada

Financial Resolutions for 2018 Annual General Meeting


Resolution R1: Building and Protecting the Future of Co-op Housing in Ontario

Resolution R2: Investment of Endowment Funds to Support the Growth of Co-operative Housing in Canada



Special Resolution 1: By-law Amendment – Terms of Office

Resolution 2: Managing the Shared-Revenue Program

Resolution 3: Leveraging Our Assets

Resolution 4: Investment in New Co-op Development

Resolution 5: Moving Forward on a Vision for the Future of the Co-operative Housing Movement in Canada

Resolution 6: You Hold the Key

Resolution 7: UN Sustainable Development Goals


Special Resolution R1: Ontario Region Operating Rules – Ontario Council Terms of Office

Resolution R2: You Hold the Key

For resolutions prior to 2017, please contact CHF Canada at info@chfcanada.coop.