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Manitoba budget takes important steps to grow and sustain co-operative housing

Published April 03, 2024

Manitoba budget takes important steps to grow and sustain co-operative housing

The Province of Manitoba has tabled its 2024 budget, with investments in new and existing affordable housing. CHF Canada welcomes the investments made to support existing co-op households, as well as to grow, repair and acquire non-profit co-op homes in Manitoba.

Manitoba has committed to the growth of social and affordable housing across the province by earmarking $116 million in this budget. This includes $20 million for building non-profit homes, $10 million for the Affordable Housing Partnership Program, $6 million for the acquisition of new properties and $4 million to modernize and repair non-profit homes. The budget equally commits to removing the PST for new affordable housing units, and to providing incentives for multi-unit developments. These are all positive steps that can help create more co-operative housing in Manitoba, as well as sustain the co-operative housing that exists, so they can continue to provide affordable, good-quality homes in strong communities for decades to come.

The budget also provides $4.4 million to ensure affordability for low-income households living in co-operative and non-profit housing. CHF Canada looks forward to working with the province to ensure the successful implementation of this funding model in co-op communities, and its continuation in the long-term.

This budget importantly acknowledges that affordable and secure housing is needed for communities to thrive. Manitoba’s housing co-ops support the provincial goal of ending chronic homelessness – and believe that more social, non-profit, and co-operative housing is critical to achieving this goal. Over 3,100 households already live in thriving co-operative housing communities in Manitoba, but much more is needed to meet the demand for affordable homes in strong communities.

CHF Canada and Manitoba’s housing co-ops are ready and able to work with the province to deliver on the commitments outlined in its 2024 budget. We will continue to advocate for community-driven housing solutions in Manitoba that grow and sustain co-op housing and support co-op members, as outlined in our pre-budget recommendations.

Manitobans deserve secure, sustainable, and affordable housing for all; co-operatives are providing this security and affordability for over 3,100 Manitoban households. With housing commitments in Manitoba’s 2024 Budget, CHF Canada looks forward to working closely with the province to grow and sustain co-op housing.”

– Maria Vaiaso, Prairie Regional Manager

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