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Watch a new video showing co-op success stories in Nova Scotia

Published January 19, 2022

This new Compass NS video outlines the organization’s mission, vision and values as well as the growth and future development projects of the first sector-led co-operative in Canada.

Compass NS was formed for the growth and sustainability of the co-operative sector in Nova Scotia. Compass NS’s core values are sustainability, inclusion and collaboration with the vision of being the housing of choice for Nova Scotians who want strong governance and credible management in a thriving co-op community.

Compass NS’s first co-op homes were obtained by acquiring four different housing co-operatives that were at risk of being lost to the sector in 2019. Since then, Compass NS has amalgamated with two additional co-op neighborhoods and is currently working on three development projects.

For more details watch the video or visit the Compass NS website.

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