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Nova Scotia 2024 budget: province recognizes need for housing growth

Published February 29, 2024

Nova Scotia 2024 budget: province recognizes need for housing growth

Today, the Government of Nova Scotia tabled its 2024 budget.

In the budget, the government recognizes housing as a priority and reiterates its commitment to sustain existing co-op housing and to grow the co-op housing sector through its recently released Action for Housing plan. CHF Canada welcomes this continued funding, including for the Community Housing Acquisition Program, the Nova Scotia Community Housing Growth Fund and the Affordable Housing Development Program.

The budget also commits to growing the workforce needed to build housing in Nova Scotia, and a 10 per cent rebate on the provincial HST for the construction of purpose-built rentals. These are important commitments, and CHF Canada looks forward to understanding more about how they can support the development of more co-operative homes.

Nova Scotia has a housing crisis. Co-op housing is an important part of the solution, as co-op homes are delivered at-cost, resulting in affordability over the long-term. The province’s 1,715 households living in co-ops want more Nova Scotians to have the option of living in a co-op home. The co-op housing sector is committed to continue working with the Government of Nova Scotia to ensure everyone can live in a home they can afford in vibrant and diverse communities. CHF Canada will also continue to advocate for long-term rental assistance for low-income households living in co-ops.

We know that the Government of Nova Scotia recognizes the need to find lasting housing solutions. Nova Scotians in every corner of the province deserve an affordable, safe place to call home. Housing co-ops not only provide homes, but they create communities where people are secure and can flourish. Nova Scotia’s co-op housing sector is organized and ready to help increase the supply of co-op homes.

– Tim Ross, Executive Director, CHF Canada

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