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Staffing News: Karen Brodeur moves to Development, Allison Ferris is the new Manager, Atlantic Region

Published June 18, 2024

As we prepare for a new generation of co-op housing expansion with the launch of the federal Co-operative Housing Development Program, we congratulate Karen Brodeur on her move to CHF Canada’s Development Team.

We also welcome Allison Ferris as she joins CHF Canada to take on the role of Regional Manager, Atlantic.

Karen Brodeur – Manager, Co-operative Housing Development

With deep roots in co-op housing, Karen Brodeur is branching out. The former Atlantic Region Manager, Karen is looking forward to continuing innovations in the growth of the co-op housing sector.

“The newly launched Co-operative Housing Development Program has provided our sector with an opportunity to intentionally grow the co-operative sector across our country.”

Fresh from successful pilot projects in Nova Scotia, including the Tidal Bay Land Cooperative which has completed its first acquisition and is working on development, Karen has ambitions in her new role to grow more co-ops across the country.

“I have my own co-op success story and that is why I am so passionate about our vision of Co-op Housing for All . It’s important that we draw from our past successes, and move forward with new ideas.”


Allison Ferris – Regional Manager, Atlantic

Allison Ferris is the former Managing Director at Housing Alternatives Inc. in Saint John, New Brunswick.  She brings 17 years of experience in the non-profit and co-op housing sector to her new role with CHF Canada.

Allison holds a Business Administration degree from the University of New Brunswick, and is currently the vice-president of the New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association. A change management professional, she’s looking forward to continuing to liaise with the Atlantic provinces provincial housing programs, while focusing on governance efficiency and maintaining productive relationships.

“We’re at a crossroads with a critical housing crisis in this country, but it’s an exciting time because we’re now well positioned to be a significant part of the solution.”

Allison lived in a housing co-op as a young mother of two returning to school. “That tie to affordable housing helped me to realize how important it is for people to have that support. A safe, affordable place to live is a foundation for growth.”

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