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An update on our reconciliation work, from CHF Canada President Tina Stevens

Published December 07, 2020


In this video, CHF Canada’s President, Tina Stevens, shares her reflections on reconciliation, including a creation story from her Algonquin Ojibwe heritage. To learn more about Tina, you can read our profile of her here.

I hope that everything we do as we walk along the path of reconciliation will bring us together, just as the animals came together in this creation story, to go forward and be able to walk with one another and create the unity that is needed to begin the steps of reconciliation.

– Tina Stevens

Reconciliation Toolkit

This year, on the occasion of National Indigenous Peoples Day, we launched a Reconciliation Toolkit for housing co-ops.

This toolkit was the result of a member resolution.  It is the product of a great deal of research and an extensive consultation process with members, partners and Indigenous groups and experts. The Toolkit includes a wide range of useful and interesting information, including posters with ideas and easy ways for your co-op to start contributing towards Reconciliation with Indigenous people in your communities and across the country.

If your co-op is working to build and strengthen relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in your community, we’d love to hear about it: let us know at info@chfcanada.coop.

And if your co-op has an idea for a project to help support diversity and inclusion, please consider applying for our Regional Diversity Grants.

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