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Solidarity: Black Lives Matter

Published June 04, 2020

If your words are failing you right now, silence is not the answer.

The most recent series of killings of Black individuals by police is yet another tragedy in a long series of injustices. It demands a collective, sustained, community response. We stand with individuals and communities who are affected by systemic racism, violence, and discrimination, including police brutality against Black individuals, people of colour and Indigenous people here in Canada and in the United States.

Co-operatives are built on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. So long as systemic racism exists in our communities, we must, and we will work to dismantle this injustice.

It’s also time for non-Black people to look at our own behaviours, to commit to being actively anti-racist, to denounce racist words and acts, and to fight for equity and equality in our public and private spheres.

As co-operatives we must continue to bring people together, strive for mutual understanding and support, and to build a just world. As an organization, we are committed to being actively anti-racist, and to taking positive action to eliminate injustice and oppression, wherever it exists.

“When history looks at this period of time, I believe it will judge those who remain silent with the same ferocity as it does those who have perpetuated the cycle of racism. Inaction is a tacit endorsement of the status quo.” Wes Hall, Globe and Mail, June 3, 2020

We acknowledge with humility and regret that we have been silent before.

We all have a role to play in working to end anti-Black racism. We affirm that Black Lives Matter, now and always.

The Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada





Am I breathing? Nicole Waldron reflects on systemic racism. “Our community is in a constant state of mourning. Are you breathing? How are you handling the trauma?” Nicole serves on CHF Canada’s Board of Directors.

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