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Considering Professional Development? Apply for a CHF Canada Management Scholarship Deadline March 1st

Published February 12, 2021

Canada’s housing co-ops benefit from excellent, well-trained co-op managers and staff. If you’re considering pursuing post-secondary education to enhance your knowledge and skills, you should apply for a CHF Canada Management Scholarship.

The great news is that your chances are excellent! In the past two years we’ve been able to approve scholarships for all eligible applicants. You also don’t need to have secured a place in the program of study when you apply. Any member, director or employee of a CHF Canada member co-op can apply!

To be eligible the program of study needs to be:

  • from a recognized Canadian post-secondary institution
  • relevant to improving skills of property managers of housing co-ops
  • a minimum of one-year duration You can receive $4,000 ($2,000 for the first year, and $1,000 per year for the two following years)

Last year we awarded scholarships to:

  • Natasha Terehoff to study a Non-Profit Management Certificate and Simon Fraser University.

“I am currently enrolled at the Institute of Housing Management (IHM) and am working to obtain my professional designation; this would not have been possible without CHF Canada’s generosity and encourage others to apply to this amazing opportunity for professional growth.”

  • Lindsey Reed to study the Certificate of Property Management at the Institute of Housing Management.

“The CHF Canada Management scholarship gives me an excellent opportunity to improve my proficiency in the co-operative housing sector and extend my knowledge in the affordable housing sector. Thank you for your generous support!”

  • Michelle Cooper-Iversen to study a Masters of Management, Co-operatives and Credit Unions at Saint Mary’s University.

“Keeping your knowledge current and relevant is critical to a successful career. As a co-op manager, there are many education opportunities available both formally and informally but the rising cost of tuition might be a barrier to managers seeking more formal education once they’ve joined the sector. The CHF Canada management scholarship is tangible evidence that our national federation supports the 5th co-operative principle – prioritizing education front and centre for co-op managers. I’m thrilled to be a recipient of the CHF Canada management scholarship.”

Read the full eligibility criteria here, and the application form is on our website here.




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