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Introducing New Aboriginal Director, Tina Stevens

Published October 03, 2018

CHF Canada and CHF Canada’s Indigenous members welcome Tina Stevens as their new Director Representing Aboriginal Communities.

This is Tina’s second time on the board. In 1996, she was the first Aboriginal Community director for CHF Canada.

Tina has dedicated her life to Indigenous leadership, both in and out of the co-op housing context. Her contribution has included advocacy for the Aboriginal Community director seat on the CHF Canada board while living at Native Inter-Tribal Housing Co-operative, and work as the second director appointed to the Ontario Council.

Throughout her roles, Tina has maintained a belief that housing co-ops provide a safe family environment for members to connect with their culture and community, maintain self-respect and respect for Mother Earth, find employment, access higher education and nurture the seeds for future generations.

Tina is an Algonquin-Ojibwe woman from Kitigan Zibi, Kettle and Stoney Point, who has lived in London, Ontario her whole life. She has three strong sons and attributes her energy to having been raised by a strong mother– a great elder in her own community.

Tina was instrumental in creating alliances that continue today between the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association (ONPHA) and Indigenous communities.

As a CHF Canada Director, “my priority is to be able to continue the education that (outgoing Aboriginal Director) Linda Campbell started and keep acknowledging our Seven Grandfather Teachings and how CHF Canada can incorporate the connection between these teachings and the Seven Co-op Principles.” Tina says she will also continue Linda’s work in educating the community about true Indigenous history.

“I will keep walking in Linda Campbell’s footsteps and continuing the journey that she started. I’m quite the humble person, being re-elected. I come with a lot of humility, working with vulnerable people and placing the importance on their survival.”

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