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Karla Skoutajan: A dedicated co-op housing leader

Published September 01, 2021

In June 2021, we were happy for the opportunity to recognize Karla Skoutajan as CHF Canada’s 2021 Honorary Lifetime Associate.

CHF Canada’s Honorary Lifetime Associates are people who have made substantial contributions over long periods of time to Canada’s co-operative housing movement.

Karla has been involved with co-op housing for over 30 years. Her career culminated in her role as Acting Executive Director of CHF Canada.

Here’s how Alexandra Wilson, former CEO of the Agency for Co-operative Housing described Karla:

Karla had not had ambitions to be Executive Director. Indeed, she was making plans to retire. But, somebody was needed and she agreed to step up and step into the role…she looked about and asked herself what needed doing and she set to work.

Christine Seguin, CHF Canada’s Director, Finance and Corporate Services, described Karla as:

An exceptional colleague: calm, creative, pragmatic, with a wonderful sense of humour, kind and very supportive of others.

Reflecting on her career, Karla said:

It has been both an honour and a privilege to be part of the co-operative housing movement for so many years… I’m very optimistic about the future of co-op housing…Let’s look for new ways that we can together create diverse, inclusive, and sustainable co-operative communities.

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