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Inclusive Co-ops for 2SLGBTQ+ People: workshop highlights

Published June 18, 2024

At CHF Canada’s 2024 Annual Meeting in June, we held a workshop on Safer co-ops for 2SLGBTQIA+ folks: Understanding and addressing anti-trans hate, led by Bre from the Rainbow Resource Centre in Winnipeg. 

Many communities are looking for practical ways to make sure they create safe(r) spaces for queer and trans people, particularly as hate and discrimination towards 2SLGBTQ+ individuals is on the rise. This workshop was held to help develop capacity to create and maintain safe(r) and more inclusive co-op housing spaces.

You can explore some of the workshop advice and resources to make your housing co-op more inclusive for 2SLGBTQ+ members. Download workshop resources and information sheets that can help inform inclusive meetings, gatherings, policies and more:

During the workshop, Bre highlighted a few key ways members can make co-ops more inclusive for trans people, including:

  • Learning more about trans communities
  • Listening to the experiences of trans people
  • Enforcing anti-discrimination policies
  • Asking how you can provide support
  • Using supportive and validating language
  • Apologizing when you make a mistake
  • Recognizing everyone’s dignity and value

Thank you to Bre Calma and the Rainbow Resource Center in Winnipeg for leading this informative workshop! CHF Canada members can access resources from all workshops in the Member Resources Centre. Learn more here.

Co-ops create communities where people can thrive and CHF Canada is committed to ongoing support and solidarity with 2SLGBTQ+ co-op members and the wider community through our member education and advocacy.

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