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Stay safe and save money with our NEW Risk Management program

Published April 13, 2022

We’ve launched a new and improved Risk Management program!

Risk management is important and our goal is to get as many co-ops as we can to participate in our new Risk Management Program. The program will help you develop risk management practices for your co-op housing homes and communities, and identify and fix preventable risks. Eliminating risks will help lower premiums for your and the other co-ops in our commercial insurance program.

The new program is designed to provide you with  risk management information and tools to develop a program for your housing co-op that is less time-consuming and involves everyone in the process. We are doing this over a three-year period in order to give your board and management the time they need to build risk management into your co-op’s daily routines.

Co-ops that complete the following Year One activities by September 30, 2022 will receive a discount of 5% on their commercial insurance rate:

  • Passing a Board resolution to participate in the Risk Management Program for Years One and Two
  • Board members take part in one of our risk management webinars
  • A risk management self-assessment of your co-op by the Board

Visit our Risk Management page to learn more.

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