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Five ways to celebrate Co-op Week: Oct 14-20

Published September 27, 2018

A series of colourful posters advertise Co-op Week, with an image of a heart made of honeycomb.Did you know that the third week of October is Co-op Week across Canada?

Co-op Week is a chance for members to celebrate the co-op advantage. Here are five ways your co-op can join in the celebration:

  • Show your love for co-ops by downloading these Co-op Week posters. Post in common areas of your co-op to get members excited about Co-op Week.
  • Host a screening of A Silent Transformation, a film about co-ops. Invite neighbours in your community to join.
  • Hold a Cheese and Chocolate Social featuring products from co-op producers. Camino, Gay Lea & Albert Cheese are just a few of the delicious co-op options you can try.
  • Organize a co-op walk to explore the other co-ops in your neighbourhood.
  • Decorate your Co-op Week event with the latest co-op merchandise from The Flag Shop.

If your co-op is on social media, be sure to share your events using the hashtag #CoopWeek2018.

Happy Co-op Week!

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