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Co-op Cost Cutters adapts to changing needs of co-ops 

Published September 01, 2021

Co-op Cost CuttersThere’s no question that the last 16 months have been strange and challenging for housing co-ops. The pandemic has forced us to learn new skills and implement strict safety protocols to keep members and staff safe.

Co-op Cost Cutters has adapted to the changing needs of co-ops by supplying personal protective equipment (PPE), safety signs and other needed products and services to address the pandemic.

Supporting digital/remote offices

Some Cost Cutters services helped co-ops transition to virtual ways of working and staying connected. Document Direction Limited (DDL) offers free monthly webinars to explore and learn about digital audits, how to use less paper, safekeeping of data and accessing files from wherever we are working. These webinars are on the last Wednesday of each month, from 1:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern Time. You can join from anywhere across Canada and the comfort of your co-op office or home.

PPE and other supplies

There was a temporary shortage of PPE during the pandemic but Cost Cutters suppliers kept orders moving along, as well as cleaning and disinfecting products, air purifiers, no-touch products, safety signs and everything co-ops needed to continue their essential services.

The pandemic also affected manufacturing and delivery schedules for appliances. Demand is greater than supply. Co-op Cost Cutters continues to monitor this and stay in touch with suppliers and co-ops to provide updates and advice. Meanwhile, if you know you’ll need an appliance three months down the road, place your order now. And, if you have the space to store a few on site, consider ordering extras to have on hand.  

New Co-op Cost Cutters website

Last but not least, Co-op Cost Cutters has launched a new website!  The new site is interactive and easy to use, with an intro video on the homepage. Another great new feature on the homepage is that you can enter your co-op’s postal code and get the list of suppliers for your area.  You can go to www.co-opcostcutters.coop and try it out.

For more information, questions or concerns, contact the Co-op Cost Cutters Co-ordinator, Miriam Wohl at miriam@coophousing.com.

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