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Departing Directors reflect on time on Board and suggest others step up

Published March 07, 2018

Pat McClain

Pat McClain

After years of devoted service on CHF Canada’s board, Aboriginal Community Director Linda Campbell and Director-at-Large Pat McClain have served their maximum terms. Both leave a legacy of generosity, vision, and passionate commitment to CHF Canada and its members.

Pat describes her experience during “exciting times” when co-ops were coming to the end of the operating agreements as “interesting, challenging and rewarding”. She is proud of her part building a strong future for co-ops. She’s also grateful to have been able to give back for all that she received from housing co-ops: as a workshop leader, co-op resident and through a job in the sector.

“When I think about the co-op principles, I can’t help but be passionate about co-op housing. I think most of the directors feel the same way: it drives us.”

A member of the nominating committee, Pat says she would definitely encourage others to run for director. The benefits include knowing you’re doing something of value for the co-op housing movement, helping co-ops across Canada, plus making friends, learning and developing leadership skills.

Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell

Linda Campbell says her hope in joining the board was “to build bridges with my Indigenous People so that they can create affordable housing in their communities and learn how wonderful living in a co-op environment is. I feel that we have shown progress in this area, and I look forward to many more successes. CHF Canada has implemented our very first Indigenous AGM workshop and education events, which have been well-attended.”

She says she is grateful to have been encouraged by “a very special lady”, former CHF Canada staff member Tammy Robinson, to join the board. “I have been very fortunate to meet other amazing board members who have been supportive and encouraging, and I will cherish the memories.”

“I encourage all members to become active and supportive in their co-ops and to remember that it does not take one person, but an entire community, to build what we call co-op housing,” says Linda. “The Seven Grandfather Teachings, which are Wisdom, Truth, Humility, Courage, Honesty, Respect, and Love, are what I hope I have shown to all, and they will always be my greatest guides. Miiqwetch. Thank you.”

Each spring, elections are held for positions on CHF Canada’s Board of Directors, Ontario Council and Finance and Audit Committee. If you have proven leadership skills — either within the co-op sector or from other experiences — add your name to the list of candidates. The nomination deadline is 5:00 pm Eastern time, March 31.

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